Tarot of the
Tattoo Age

Tarot of the Tattoo Age is a unique representation of the Tarot by 77 world-renowned tattoo artists.

Each card is inspired by the artist’s personal interpretation of the Tarot, allowing for a variety of separate styles to be beautifully displayed in this deck.

Each artist involved in this project was randomly paired with a card, instructed to visually communicate their interpretation of it with freedom from specific guidelines. What you have before you, subsequently, are 79 original conceptions of the Tarot, by these artists.

As you delve further into your own enlightenment through this enchanting deck, you will find that each card communicates with you on a series of levels. Some images indicate a literal sense of their card’s meaning, while others express a humorous depiction of theirs. All 79 cards (there are two Fools to choose from) illustrate brilliance in their images, as well as spot-on accuracy in their interpretations.

Whether you are an avid collector of the Tarot, or simply an admirer of art, Tarot of the Tattoo Age will guide you on your quest to personal divination.